Required :             Calculate his Gross Wages acco7Jing to :

I.      Piece work with guaranteed weekly wage.

  1. Rowan Premium Plan.
  2. Halsey Premium Plan.

Answer :                (1) Rs. 192.            (2) Rs. 242.22              (3) Rs. 226.

P.8-12: There are ten men working as a group on a particular manufacturing project. When the weekly production of the group exceeds a standard number of pieces per hour, each man in the group is paid a bonus for excess production, in addition to his wages at hourly rate. The amount of the bonus is computed by first determining the percentage by which the group’s production exceeds the standard. One-half of this percentage is then applied to a wage rate of Rs.12.50 to determine an hourly bonus rate. Each man in the group is paid, as a bonus, this bonus rate applied to his total hours worked during the week, the standard rate of production before a bonus can be earned is 200 pieces per hour.

On the basis of the production record stated below compute:

(a)    The rate and amount of bonus for the week.

(b)    The total wages of Mr. B, who worked 40 hours at a base rate of Rs.5.00 per hour.

•                                                               Production Record

Days                                 Hours worked                        Product ion

Monday                                    72.0                         17,680

Tuesday                                    72.0                         17,348

Wednesday                                72.0                         18,000

Thursday                                    72.0                         18,560

Friday                                        71.5                         17,888

Saturday                                    40.0                           9,600

Total:                                   399.5                       99,076

Answer: a) i- Rs. 1.50 per hour 6- Rs. 599.25 (b) Rs.260(See Illustration No.17)

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